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  • California Probate Fees 2020

    Probate Attorney's Fees and Court Costs

    Probate fees (e.g., attorney’s fees and executor ...

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  • New Laws in California 2020 for Heterosexual Couples

    Domestic Partnership Law in California


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  • California Probate – A Cost That Can Be Avoided

    Long Beach | Downey | Irvine

    < ...

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  • Estate Planning 101: Avoid the Misconceptions Regarding Your Legacy

    Many people are confused about estate planning and some of their concerns deserve discussion because ...

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  • Major Concerns Loom over the Future of California Estate Taxes

    In recent years, Californians have not had to worry about estate taxes but this could change in the ...

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  • Leading Estate Planning and Litigation Law Firm Expands in Orange County, California

    We are excited to announce that Velasco Law Group's Irvine office will welcome the New Year by movin ...

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  • Working through California Probate

    Probate – not a wo ...

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