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Many are under the impression that planning and executing trusts and wills tend to be a pretty simple matter, but the reality is that larger or more complex families may require a customized, even complicated, estate planning. When a trust is being administered, relationships between the trustee who executes the estate and its beneficiaries can be strained. Emotional family dynamics can further add to the complexity of these situations. When a disagreement, contest, or other form of dispute occurs, it’s best to have a professional probate and trust lawyer that will take the time to fully understand the circumstances of these delicate, nuanced situations. Trust disputes may turn into estate litigations handled by the probate court. Trust administration, on the other hand, can often be handled privately unless litigation is an absolute necessity. The lawyers at Velasco Law Group are adept at representing any party’s perspective and can provide the legal guidance necessary if a document has not been properly executed. In some extreme cases, when an issue is found in terms of the executor’s capacity at the time documents were executed, a will may be rendered ineffective. This sort of scenario is compounded in complexity and emotions when a beneficiary is suspected of having undue influence over the decedent before his or her death.

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Downey is located in Los Angeles county and is widely known as the origin of the Apollo space program. The city is a hub for aerospace and healthcare industries with landmarks including El Camino Real trail, Furman Park, Wilderness Park, and Apollo Park. The average estimated home value in 2017 was $556k, creating a highly desirable and competitive housing market. With high estate values at stake, we advise having a professional Downey trust and estates attorney on hand in order to properly plan your wishes for a variety of potential scenarios in these uncertain times and to execute estate plans.

The median age in Downey is 33, but in these uncertain pandemic times, when even young individuals are susceptible to diseases, it’s important to ensure you have a comprehensive and well thought out trust and will. A Downey estate planning lawyer can also assist with advance healthcare directives (AHCD) that can provide guidance and instruction about how medical decisions should be made in a worst case scenario in which you can no longer advocate for yourself. We also offer virtual estate planning so that you can take proactive measures for your family from the comfort of your home. For more information on our virtual estate planning services or to schedule an initial complimentary consultation contact us HERE.

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