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Probate or estate litigation occurs when there are disputes between the parties executing the estate and the beneficiaries of the estate. Probate litigation is the process by which the disputes between the parties are resolved in court. It can be in the form of a will contest or a challenge to a trust.

It may seem simple to go off a will, but not all wills and/or trusts are interpreted and honored correctly. Even when they are interpreted and honored correctly disputes can arise between parties who disagree over whether the will is valid, if they feel the decedent was a victim of undue influence, duress, or feel they received less than their fair share. Family members, especially in blended families, disagree on who should be the representative and the financial decisions made. Concerns over conflict of interest can also play into factors if the representative is also a beneficiary of the will and/or trust, leading to litigation in court.

The LA court system has its own court representing these types of cases with very special rules. Mediation is becoming a popular alternative to litigation in court. Velasco Law Group is well experienced to represent your case in court in English or in Spanish for either mediation or litigation. We try to minimize the damage to family relationships as probate can bring stress and strain.

The attorneys at Velasco Law Group are qualified to represent you in these complicated matters, as they have both experience and knowledge of the laws concerning probate when it comes to trusts, wills, and estates. We represent cases including the following:

● Wills, Estates, and Trusts

● Estate Administration

● Probate

● Guardianship

● Conservatorships

● LGBTQ Estate Planning

● Pet Trusts

With over 20 years of experience in estate and trust litigation, we are equipped to defend and prosecute disputes in these areas. We will take the time to learn about your specific situation and actually listen to you and then advise you based on how we can best assist you.

In California, most probate litigation scenarios provide time limits to contest a will or other probate dispute. That is why it is so important that you contact our team as soon as you possibly can to avoid your claim from being barred. If you need experienced counsel to contest a will or if you believe you have been denied your rightful inheritance, please call us immediately.

The Velasco Law firm is qualified, experienced, and wants to understand your individual family situation. We can provide bi-lingual legal services to the Spanish-speaking community in the greater Los Angeles area, whether it is estate planning or family law. For more information on our virtual estate planning services or to schedule an initial complimentary consultation, contact us HERE.

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