Probate 2022 – What To Expect

Probate 2022 – What To Expect
Velasco law Dec 13 2021

Velasco Law Group, which has long served the Southern California community in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, probate, and estate litigation, is expanding its presence in Orange County. From our Irvine office, we offer planning services to those looking ahead to the issues that can arise around inheritance. Velasco Law Group also has experienced litigators for those dealing with conflict over the terms or validity of a will, estate mismanagement, or other estate-related disputes.

The death of a family member is invariably a stressful time for those who are left behind, but it can become even more so when the absence of an estate plan or disagreements about how existing plans should be managed pit relatives against each other. Velasco Law Group can provide effective representation that will assert your rights in complex estate matters.

These include:

Will contests: Will contests can take many forms. A Will may not have been properly executed. The decedent may not have had the proper mental capacity to make informed decisions at the time the Will was made. Someone may have exercised undue influence over the decedent prior to their death to alter a Will in their favor. These may present grounds for challenging it in court. Expert legal counsel is essential whether you believe the Will in question is valid or have reason to believe it is not.

Trust disputes: Difficulties with trusts can arise when trustees fail to carry out their duty to execute the trust according to the decedent’s wishes. If they mismanage or appropriate assets, fail to communicate or cooperate with beneficiaries, or simply neglect to act as needed, legal intervention may be required to successfully resolve the matter.

Probate: If an estate goes into probate, the process of identifying assets, paying debts, and distributing property to the heirs can be costly, drawn-out, and frustrating. Our knowledgeable probate attorneys provide expert assistance, ensuring that all proper steps are taken to settle the estate with minimal delays.

We understand that prolonged legal battles usually do not benefit most parties, which is why we first strive for amicable resolutions where possible. However, when going to trial is unavoidable, our attorneys have the experience and the understanding of probate and estate law to protect your rights in court.

Partner Spotlight

Active in our Irvine office, partner Laura N. Zolnekoff specializes in Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Civil Litigation. Her practice focuses on the various types of disputes that can arise after the death of a loved one. Over the years she has represented beneficiaries, trustees, and other individuals in various matters related to estate, trust, and civil litigation. Her compassion for her clients inspires her fierce advocacy on their behalf. She has had significant assets confirmed as trust assets when representing beneficiaries of a disputed trust, negotiated a favorable settlement for a trustee accused of breach of duty, and has successfully negotiated complex asset distribution disputes.

In addition to her professional qualifications, Ms. Zolnekoff has a particular understanding of the difficulties women face when they need to litigate complex estates. Her grasp of how these circumstances can intersect with estate law and planning enables her to effectively advocate for the benefit of her clients.  LINK TO LAURA’s BIO HERE

Representing Orange County, California

For residents in Orange County in need of experienced counsel to resolve inheritance disputes or to create estate plans to avoid them in the future, Velasco Law Group offers the help you need in our conveniently located Irvine office. In cases of conflict, we use our extensive understanding of Trust and Estate law and the unique facts of your situation to work toward a satisfactory outcome for all parties without resorting to expensive and costly litigation, if possible. Velasco Law Group is committed to offering the highest quality legal representation during the uniquely difficult stresses caused by the passing of a loved one, especially when beneficiaries disagree.

To learn more about our estate planning, administration, and litigation services or to schedule a free initial consultation, contact Velasco Law Group here.

Probate 2022 - What To Expect
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Probate 2022 - What To Expect
Probate is a very stressful process. If you don't have an estate plan, chances are you will end up in probate. Probate litigation on the other hand can get costly. We are focused on resolutions at Velasco Law Group.
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