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If you are seeking a California Certified Specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law attorney in Irvine, California, you have come to the right place.  Paul D. Velasco, founder of Velasco Law Group and Peter Sahin, a long time attorney at the Velasco Law Group are both certified as specialists in estate planning, trust and probate law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization – a distinction held by less than one percent of all attorneys in California.

Master Planned City with Roots in Ranching and Farming

Irvine is a master-planned city in Orange County, California, United States in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Irvine Company started developing the area in the 1960s and the city was formally incorporated on December 28, 1971. The 66-square-mile city had a population of 212,375 as of the 2010 census. A number of corporations, particularly in the technology and semiconductor sectors, have their national or international headquarters in Irvine. Irvine is also home to several higher education institutions including the University of California, Irvine (UCI), Concordia University, Irvine Valley College, the Orange County Center of the University of Southern California (USC), and campuses of California State University Fullerton (CSUF), University of La Verne, and Pepperdine University.1

The offices of Velasco Law Group are located inside the Wells Fargo Building at 2030 Main Street, Suite 1300 in the heart of Irvine’s business district, off the 405 Freeway. We welcome all Orange County residents, visitors from San Diego and the Inland Empire as well. In addition to being a business venue, Irvine features more than 57,500 acres of open space that stretches 22 miles from the mountains to the sea.  Nearly 40,000 acres of the preserved lands were designated a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior offering visitors a world-class environmental and recreational treasure.2

Supporting Our Clients in Irvine

The legal team at Velasco Law Group is dedicated to helping clients in Irvine and the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area. We are able to provide legal services in English and Spanish. We take the time to understand each client’s requirements and develop customized plans.  Our key practice areas include estate planning/wills/trusts, estate administration, probate, estate litigation, conservatorships, pet trusts and LGBTQ estate planning.  These services help you plan for and control the distribution of your estate to save money, avoid litigation and provide for your family and heirs.

What Irvine Residents Need to Know About Estate Planning

Estate planning is a gift that you give to your loved ones.  However, the most universal reason for which most of us ignore estate planning is taking our days of health and living for granted. Another reason is not taking the time to become aware of what happens if we don’t plan for the event of death. The cold hard fact is that if you don’t prepare, the State of California will decide for you. Without a plan, the future of your assets is decided entirely out of your or your family’s hands. Left unprepared, a single family member or many members can be left with a very uncertain future and the regret of not having been able to fulfill your wishes.

Estate Planning is Not Just for Humans

Americans have nearly 70 million dogs and more than 74 million cats as pets.3 For many, pets are like family. In addition to designated therapeutic roles, animals are also valued as loyal companions, which explains why an estimated 68% of U.S. households have a pet.4 Unfortunately we do know many pets become homeless, or are sent to shelters because there isn’t a written plan that instructs living family members to ensure care for pets.

Luckily, California has a statute (Probate Code Section 15212) that allows for the creation of Pet Trusts to ensure that your pets are well taken care of upon your passing.5 While you cannot leave money or funds directly to a pet, a Pet Trust allows for your assets to be used to care for your pet after you’re gone. The Velasco Law Group can help to establish a Pet Trust as part of our legacy planning services.

Why Have a Living Trust?

Your net worth should have little to do with deciding to form a living trust. A living trust exists in order for a person to decide how his or her assets will be distributed post-death while that person is still alive. If you were to form a living trust today, you would ensure that your desired wishes for your assets are met, and ultimately also help your family avoid a lot of added pain and stress after you are gone. Those who are married or have children will most certainly want to make their wishes known.  A living trust does more than dictate who will inherit assets. If the circumstances are such that children are involved, a guardian will need to be appointed. A living trust stipulates who will be that guardian or guardians, and who will be the person appointed to manage the property left to the children.  A living trust exists to address these real-life decisions and ease the transition for loved ones left behind.

Deciding to have a living trust is an excellent first step to securing your family’s financial future. The next step is deciding on the right lawyers. The attorneys at Velasco Law Group respect the sensitive estate planning. They show their clients patience from the moment they meet them. Families should be made to feel comfortable sharing sensitive personal and financial information. If you have questions regarding estate planning/wills/trusts, estate administration, probate, estate litigation, conservatorships, pet trusts and LGBTQ estate planning, please contact the Velasco Law Group HERE.







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