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Are you experiencing a disagreement over an inheritance following the death of a loved one? Velasco Law Group is experienced in navigating complicated family issues and we take the time to understand the complexities of each unique case. Our process starts with inheritance dispute resolution but if mediation is not an option, estate litigation may be the next step. The first stage of inheritance dispute resolution involves reviewing the will – the legal document that outlines the intent and final wishes of the deceased as it relates to property, inheritance, and personal items. In situations involving complex estates, a trust administration lawyer may be called upon to execute the will accurately.

In the case of an inheritance dispute, viable options include mediation, arbitration, and trust litigation. In the case of mediation an inheritance disagreement is settled outside of court through a neutral third-party arbitrator. Arbitration differs in that each party involved presents its case to an impartial arbitrator who makes a decision based on all parties’ authorization. Litigation is usually seen as a last resort. One might engage in the probate court system through cases involving disinheriting children, substantial changes to an existing will or trust, issues related to the testator’s mental or physical capacity, as well as undue influence. In all of these cases, having an experienced Los Angeles probate attorney is advisable.

If you’ve been accused of breaching your fiduciary duty or you believe an executor has overstepped their boundaries, we can help lay out the best strategy to meet the end goal of securing your interests. Velasco Law Group takes the time to understand every case and works to minimize the familial damage that can come about from such litigation. We understand the sensitive, emotional, and complicated nature of every case that reaches us. Inheritance dispute resolution is a unique practice area of law; there are a number of complex probate laws, rules, restrictions, and guidelines in place. For experienced legal counsel and representation contact our lawyers HERE.

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