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    Nosotros aqui en Velasco Law Group, entendemos la importancia de educar a n ...

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  • ¿Puedo incluir a mis mascotas en un fideicomiso?

    Un fideicomiso para mascotas le permite especificar la suma de dinero que se usará para el cuidado ...

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  • Leading Estate Planning and Litigation Law Firm Expands in Orange County, California

    We are excited to announce that Velasco Law Group's Irvine office will welcome the New Year by movin ...

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  • Working through California Probate

    Probate – not a wo ...

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  • Are you dealing with a serious or terminal illness?

    Americans whose loved ones are entering hospice or approaching death, have many decisions to make in ...

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  • Estate Planning Tips: Naming a Beneficiary in an Estate Plan

    If you are unsure how to name a beneficiary, this is a great blog for you. Naming a beneficiary is b ...

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  • Joint Tenancy and Headaches

    Are you currently in in a joint tenancy agreement?

    So, as a couple you want it to be all i ...

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