My uncle who passed away over 30 years

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Velasco law Sep 06 2018

My uncle who passed away over 30 years ago named me as a beneficiary in his trust. During those 30 years my aunt was the trustee. My uncle had written an unusual, confusing and convoluted trust. When my aunt passed away it was time for the distribution of the trust, now going mostly to heirs as the original beneficiaries had also passed. I knew the trust wouldn1 be distributed without being contested. I researched attorneys with experience in litigation as it seems most attorneys in this field concentrate on estate planning. I selected Paul Velasco of Velasco Law Group. I went in for a consultation. Paul was friendly and easy to talk to as he pointed out my options. I felt going forward without an attorney I would get nothing whereas hiring Paul and his staff I would have representation. There were quite a few beneficiaries at this point and all parties had retained attorneys. Paul and the members of is staff worked with me to make sure my brief was accurate and represented my perspective. Throughout the process I felt very positive about the attention my case was given. Emails were answered and correspondence was communicated quickly with au who worked on the case. The case eventually went to mediation and I feet without Paul and his firm I would have received nothing. I was actually the beneficiary receiving the smallest percentage and the way the trust was written I could have easily been excluded as the other attorneys and their clients didn1t believe I had claim. I feel with Paul’s experience in litigation and mediation he was effective in winning a positive outcome for me. I believe he made the difference.

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My uncle who passed away over 30 years ago named me as a beneficiary in his trust. I appointed Velasco Law Group to represent my case.

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